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Exchange regulator against noise solution

Issuing time:2015-07-14
SHENZHEN Branch Power Technology Co., Ltd.-Exchange regulator against noise solution

Drive all switch input and output ports are isolated by optocouplers, for thyristor trigger pulse output circuit besides optocoupler isolation, but also by a transformer isolated to prevent the main circuit reverse high interference voltage in the circuit 01 circuit is also used to improve anti-jamming capability. Computer floating work to ensure the analog input ground with the computer should be isolated from ground. Although the use of isolation amplifiers, etc. can achieve internal and external ground isolation, but because such a transformer-coupled amplifier module technology, anti-interference ability is limited, the test found that the narrow peak pulse interference may fleeing computer sampling and conversion circuits, resulting in control failures. For this reason, before the analog to digital converter into the computer, to each digital optocoupler isolation.

Because the optocoupler is a current mode device to a narrow peak pulse interference signal better inhibition, achieve better anti-interference ability and high conversion accuracy. Power interference: electrical computer using ferromagnetic exchange regulator, super isolation transformer, dual low-pass filter, interference microcomputer switching power supply. Tests showed that this system has good anti-jamming performance, ensure the computer power from AC interference, power supply peripheral circuits from exchange regulator led by another super isolation transformer for preventing and computer peripheral circuits between The mutual interference. Other anti-jamming measures are: network input signal filtering, digital filtering program, trap program, the use of integrated circuits, power lines and control lines separate wiring, computer signal lines use shielded lines.

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