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Power transformers (isolation transformer) How to test and maintenance solutions

Issuing time:2015-07-14
SHENZHEN Branch Power Technology Co., Ltd.-Power transformers (isolation transformer) How to test and maintenance solutions

1, the content of periodic tests of power transformers include:

①, oil samples for testing - pressure, impurities and other performance indicators every three years, long-term full load or transformer overload operation may shorten the period.

②, high and low voltage insulation resistance of not less than 70% of the original factory value (10MΩ), the DC resistance of the winding at the same temperature, the difference between the average of the three should not exceed 2%, the results compare with the last measurement is not It should be greater than 2%.

③, the transformer grounding resistance measured once every two years.

④, cleaning and periodic inspection outage, according to the surrounding environment and the load is determined, generally six months to once a year;

The main contents are cleared inspections found defects in ceramic casing shell cleaning pads replace broken or aging, joint inspection to tighten up the oil in oil, silicone respirator inspection and replacement.

2, routine maintenance methods are:

Ground ①, power transformers

②, the transformer enclosure should be grounded, the zero line and neutral grounding line should be separately laid the zero line can not be buried underground.

③, the transformer neutral grounding circuit, near the transformer at the connection should be made removable bolts. Bus Machine

④, equipped with valve arrester grounding transformer should meet the requirements of the Trinity; that transformer neutral point, transformer, arrester ground should be connected at a common ground.

⑤, grounding resistance should ≤4 ohms.

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