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Basic knowledge of the power inverter

Issuing time2015-07-16
SHENZHEN Branch Power Technology Co., Ltd.-Basic knowledge of the power inverter

1. What is the power inverter?

   Power Inverter (Car Power) is a way to convert DC DC12V and AC220V AC mains the same for general electrical use, it is a convenient power converters.

2. Power inverters in the domestic market situation is like?

   Power inverter has been generally welcomed in foreign markets. Abroad due to the higher prevalence of motor vehicles, when they go out in the absence of occasions mains work or travel to connect car battery with an inverter, electrical appliances and power tools to drive work.

3. Why promote this product in the country?

   After China entered the WTO, the domestic market, more and more private car, therefore, as a DC power inverter used in car moving to AC power converter, will bring convenience to your life, but also the drivers often necessary supplies.

4. Power inverter can only use in-vehicle system?

   Power Inverter not only for automotive systems, as long as there is DC12V of the power supply, power inverter can be used, will be converted to AC220V DC12V AC, bring convenience to your life.

5. High and low voltage power inverter alarm and how the role is reflected off?

   High and low voltage inverter when the power is turned off the alarm and the red LED lights, and an alarm sounds.

6. What power inverter to the battery protection feature?

   Power inverter when the battery using the battery, the battery voltage drops to 9.5V, the power inverter will automatically shut down to ensure the car can start properly, the battery will not be damaged.

7. Power Inverter how to achieve protection of the battery?

   Power inverter is an electronic circuit by internal settings automatically battery protection function.

8. What fault power inverter is the most prone to? How do you exclude?

   When power inverters, subject to shutdown and alarm phenomenon, check the following:

1) driven by electrical power exceeds the rated power value of the inverter.

2) The power inverter is connected to the battery and electrical good.

3) the use of the process down, whether the temperature alarm, this time can continue to use a period of inactivity.

9. How to safely use the power inverter? You should pay attention to what matters?

Use the power of the inverter pay attention to battery power system voltage, and read the instructions before using the fine.

   Shenzhenshixing Electronics Technology Co., pure sine wave inverter, car inverter, 12V turn 220V turn 220V.24V other products come out on top in the market, the product because of higher technical level and excellent quality of products , has been recognized by the market and customers, and the industry has won a broad and good reputation.

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