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Application of high-frequency DC power supply range

Issuing time:2015-07-14
SHENZHEN Branch Power Technology Co., Ltd.-Application of high-frequency DC power supply range

Highfrequency digital DC power supply for large power plants, hydropower plants, EHV substation, unmanned substation as a control, signal, protection, automatic reclosing operation, emergency lighting, DC pumps ,, various DC operating mechanism sub Control of AC closing secondary circuit of instruments, automation devices and other electrical equipment uninterruptible power supplies DC power supply.

High-frequency digital DC singlet principle:

High-frequency digital DC power by the charging screen, feeder screen, battery and DC voltage converter four units. Charger screen consists of several power modules and computer monitoring system components, a single cabinet (screen) maximum configuration 160A, if the need for greater output current multi-rack (screen) in parallel. Feeder screen with a computer on-line insulation monitoring device, when a ground fault occurs fed a branch may show a ground leg number and grounding resistors. Optional battery screen computer battery inspection device, at any time to monitor the status of the battery. DC voltage transmitter frequency DC transmitter can be used, when the closing bus control line bus at 180-300V voltage fluctuation of the output voltage can be firmly stabilized at 220V.

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