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    When your product in the following cases, not within three bags:

    1, the product of more than one year warranty period.

    2, not in accordance with the requirements of the product manual installation, use, storage damage caused.

    3, the company fails to carry out the provisions of care and maintenance products brought damage.

    4, in product maintenance and repair, maintenance, did not use my company to provide special care products or special door fittings brought damage.

    5, during product maintenance by my company product repair service professionals brought damage.

    6, non-quality reasons due to human damage caused by improper operation or damage caused by human factors.

    7, no product warranty card, or unauthorized alteration product warranty card.

    8, due to natural disasters (flood, fire, lightning, earthquakes, hurricanes, plagues, etc.), the case of the irresistible damage caused by external forces.