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    First, the user complaints is the best gift

       Users complain about the content, it is the direction of our work to improve; if we can promptly eliminate these complaints, is to really increase the company's assets.

    Customers buy is not a commodity to enjoy

       Customers buy a commodity, is the commodity fancy features, services will bring their own convenience and enjoyment; if you can not do so, then the complaints and grievances also inevitable. User complaints is the best gift.

       According to customer complaints continue to improve the work, is a real increase in the company's assets, from the narrow point of view, the company's assets are plant, equipment, funds and other hardware. But broadly speaking, the eternal corporate assets are those loyal to this brand of customer, who has a customer loyalty more, who have more assets. On the contrary, not only out of the market, it will become assets and liabilities, resulting in insolvency, bankruptcy.

       Rapid transmission of information in the information age, the customer will be 'faithless.' To keep the customer's heart, we must continue to meet their individual needs. To do this you must first create a personalized space for innovation internal staff to staff loyalty to the company, in exchange for customer brand loyalty, so that business continuity for the community, to contribute to human progress.

    Second, the core competence is the ability to get extraordinary customer and user resources

       The core competitiveness is not the part you have to have a more mean you have no resources to seize market users, the user can not get your business loyalty. If so, that is the market competitiveness, the core competitiveness.

    Thus, Xing Branch's core competence is the user's ability to obtain customer and extraordinary resources.

    Third, create moving

       Create moving, it is passionate about their work; that we continue to meet the needs of individual users; that is the 'heart', and intentions of the product, the user intentions. People have been creating moving smoothly in the smooth development process, will continue to create a moving, the accumulation of cohesion and brand image of innovation and change, start a better future!

    Fourth, your satisfaction is our work standards

       In the smooth, technical inspection of the product is not necessarily qualified products, only the user satisfaction with the product is qualified products. Because the user is not satisfied, the products are sold, companies have no profit at all. Therefore, customer satisfaction is smooth work standards, it can not be said for the user 'no.'

    Fifth, never say 'no' to the market

       The term 'market' refers to the broad market, whether you're in line or marketing companies, or in service jobs and even guards, your job is your market. You never have to do it on the market to say 'no' so that all customer satisfaction.