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    Eligibility agency

       In order to regulate the company's image in the sales market, ensure product sales channels, end-users really safeguard mutual interests, agents and head office, we require, with the following conditions in order to apply to become our agent (if you almost become our agents please review about your current situation meets the following criteria).

    1, the applicant's political background is good, law-abiding, in response to the call of the party and state;

    2, the applicant and his team have more than 2 years of sales experience in mechanical and electrical industries;

    3, with five more sales and a more than full-time or part-time service staff;

    4, must have a fixed office locations and showrooms;

    5, with the convenience of online communication conditions and the necessary office equipment;

    6, the local has a good sales network and channels, has rich experience in marketing;

    7, has a good sense of customer service experience and services;

    8, to provide end users with the necessary technical services in consulting services;

    9, must accept the Corporation's corporate culture, and actively respond to the call of the Corporation;

    10, willing to be trained on its head, review, oversight and guidance;

    11, must send personnel to our company for professional and technical training, after passing the examination and obtain the corresponding Certificate