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    SHENZHEN Branch Power Technology Co., Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of power products, professional committed to the 'Branch' brand of small, medium and high power adjustable switching power supply, DC power supply, adjustable DC power supply, automatic battery charger, adjustable R & D, production and marketing of charger. The Chinese Society of power units. The company has a group specializing in power products developed by the study range of advanced technical personnel, has a number of advanced production equipment and modern production lines; company to technological innovation-led, quality and development of the business philosophy, to provide all kinds of power scheme.

    The company has more than 500 kinds of AC / DC, DC / DC standard power supply, non-standard power supplies, custom product specifications and types, covering its power rating 100W ~ 100KW, widely used in power electronics, communications, scientific research, industrial control, instrumentation, military, medical, rail and other high-tech fields; existing DC constant current switching power supply, power charger, aging power, high voltage power supply, security power supply, test power, instrumentation power, military power, medical power, railway locomotive power, electric vehicle charging power supply, electric forklift charging power supply, power supply, industrial power supply, LCD power supply, LED power supplies. Our aim: quality branding, brand achievements of the future. Our mission: to use our youth committed to creating high standards and high reliability, high efficiency power products, well services to support every one of our customers.